Mike Babcock was named after two former greats, Mike Hawthorn and Stirling Moss. He was destined to be a gear-head. Mike entered his first auto competition at the age of 14 as a co-driver in his father’s SCCA Pro Rally car, but by the time he was of legal age the rally car was gone and dirt bikes were the order of the day.

Mike and his father ran the enduro circuit aboard a pair of Husqvarnas until he moved to Arizona. Later, Mike campaigned a Husky WR430 in some desert races until marriage brought his motorsports career to a screeching halt. He then turned to BMX racing with his son Josh for a couple of seasons… but then Josh turned 16, got a driver’s license, and discovered girls… all at the same time. Needless to say, the BMX days were over. Not long after that, the marriage failed, leaving Mike with a wealth of free time on his hands. Until December 14, 2000, when his father called, looking for a co-driver for the 2001 One Lap of America.

Three days at the Bondurant school left him with a serious addiction to feed. A half-day school at the Motorsport Ranch in Texas, coupled with some track time in the Audi S4 only made things worse. He ran Virginia International Speedway in the One Lap for his first competitive venue in the S4, and took 1st in class. Confidence was high. On the very next session… he went out and spun the car like a Maytag. (reality happens fast)

Since then, Mike has run the Open Track Challenge twice, taken up club racing in a Spec7 car, and has put another One Lap of America under his belt. He’s even been seen feeding his racing-junkie-monkey behind the wheel of a fire-breathing 3.5hp go-kart… but that’s something he’d rather not talk about. :o)


Michael Babcock: